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    Welcome Remarks by Mr Lim Ming Yan, Chairman of SBF

    Welcome Remarks by Mr Lim Ming Yan,
    Chairman of SBF

    9.00am - 9.05am

    Opening Address by Mr Chan Chun Sing, Minister for Trade and Industry

    Opening Address by Mr Chan Chun Sing,
    Minister for Trade and Industry

    9.05am - 9.15am

    Renewal of MOI between IMDA and SBF Digitalisation Committee

    Renewal of MOI between IMDA and SBF
    Digitalisation Committee

    9.30am - 9.40am

The COVID-19 pandemic will bring about lasting effects that will accelerate shifts in the economic landscape. To grapple with structural changes in the economy, businesses models will need to change so that companies may stabilise in the new environment and strategise for what’s next. This panel will explore business strategies and government assistance schemes which have helped companies adapt to the new normal (with 15-min Q&A session).

Panellist 1: Ms Janet Young, Managing Director, Head Group Channels & Digitalisation, United Overseas Bank

Panellist 2: Mr Chris Wei, Global Chairman, Aviva Digital & Executive Chairman, Aviva Asia

Panellist 3: Dr Michael Fung, Deputy Chief Executive (Industry), Chief Human Resource Officer & Chief Data Officer, SkillsFuture Singapore

Panellist 4: Mr Jason Lee, Founder, La Parfumerie

Moderator: Mr Michael Tan, Managing Director & Partner, Boston Consulting Group

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Data-driven decision making can help businesses navigate uncertainties in a post-pandemic world and catalyse recovery. To emerge stronger than before, businesses will need to make good use of data collected, take ownership of data management and strive to further strengthen consumer trust. This panel will delve into the individual’s role in data management evolving from passive consent to active responsibility. Discussions include the meaningful role of data in hastening business recovery, the importance of instilling trust and nurturing the workforce in data protection, and identifying business opportunities through digital data (with 15-min Q&A session).

Panellist 1: Dr Siaw Tung Yeng, Chief Executive Officer & Founder, MaNaDr

Panellist 2: Mr Marc Placzek, Senior Director, Head of Global Privacy, PayPal

Panellist 3: Mr Alan Chan, Chief Risk Officer & Data Protection Officer, Lazada

Moderator: Mr Yeong Zee Kin, Assistant Chief Executive, Data Innovation & Protection Group, IMDA; Deputy Commissioner, PDPC

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    Wrap-up of Day 1 Programme (Gathering of Feedback)

    Wrap-up of Day 1 Programme (Gathering
    of Feedback)

    11.40am - 11.50am

    Recap of Day 1 & Opening of Day 2 Programme

    Recap of Day 1 & Opening of Day 2

    9.00am - 9.05am

    Keynote Speech by Ms Jane Lim, Assistant Chief Executive, Sectoral Transformation Group, IMDA

    Keynote Speech by Ms Jane Lim, Assistant
    Chief Executive, Sectoral Transformation
    Group, IMDA

    9.05am - 9.30am

With the rise of the digital economy, enterprises may employ a plethora of cutting-edge technology solutions to drive demand locally through new digital channels. This panel will explore how digitalisation is providing businesses with a competitive advantage and value-producing opportunities to improve workflows, empower employees to skill up and raise productivity (with 15-min Q&A session).

Panellist 1: Mr Nicholas Lee, Chief Executive Officer, Ez-Link

Panellist 2: Mr Manjot Singh Mann, Chief Executive Officer, M1

Panellist 3: Dr Ming Tan, Managing Director, IPOS International

Panellist 4: Mr Kevin Lim, Chief Executive Officer, Tramés

Moderator: Mr Shamir Rahim, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, VersaFleet

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Digitalisation is disrupting the global economy and industries, and the impetus for businesses to transform is even stronger now because of challenges brought about by COVID-19. Digital Utilities provide the foundation for companies to drive business transactions within an integrated and interoperable digital ecosystem, and allow them to thrive and innovate. This panel will explore innovative approaches for enterprises to digitise operations, strengthen value chains, improve B2B business flows and gain access to overseas markets, so businesses emerge stronger and more resilient in a post-COVID world (with 15-min Q&A session).

Panellist 1: Mr Robert Tay, Cluster Director, Modern Services Cluster, IMDA

Panellist 2: Mr Charlie Seo, Business Development Director, Seo Eng Joo Frozen Food

Panellist 3: Dr Nicholas Tan, Head of Ecosystems & Partnerships, OneConnect Financial Technology

Panellist 4: Mr Winston Nesfield, Partner, Strategy, PricewaterhouseCoopers

Moderator: Mr Saw Ken Wye, Chief Executive Officer, CrimsonLogic

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    Wrap-up of Day 2 Programme (Gathering of Feedback)

    Wrap-up of Day 2 Programme (Gathering
    of Feedback)

    11.30am - 11.45am

Virtual Conference

22-23 September 2020
Held Virtually via Zoom
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