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American Chamber of Commerce in Singapore


The American Chamber of Commerce in Singapore (AmCham SG) is the leading international business association in Singapore, with over 5,000 members representing more than 700 companies. The United States is Singapore’s largest source of foreign direct investment, which reached US$258 billion in 2016. Our mission is to promote the interests of AmCham members in Singapore and the region by providing advocacy, insights, and connections through our programs, events and publications.


AmCham SG represents our members at the highest levels of government in Singapore and

Washington D.C., and advocates on policy issues concerning them.

Association of Small & Medium Enterprises


The Association of Small & Medium Enterprises (ASME) is a not-for-profit organisation established in 1986 for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs. With wide-ranging services and programmes, ASME strives to equip member SMEs with the business knowledge and market opportunities to help them grow their businesses.


ASME, as the champion of a pro-enterprise Singapore, bridges the public and the private sectors to promote a more conducive business environment which facilitates the start-up, growth and development of a larger pool of SMEs. The two ASME flagship awards – The Entrepreneur of the Year Award and Singapore Prestige Brand Award – are in recognition of SMEs’ successes.


ASME will continue to roll out new SME-relevant programmes to enhance its position as THE business association For Entrepreneurs, By Entrepreneurs.

Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Singapore


CanCham Singapore is a highly networked international business association with membership nearing 300 members. The Chamber supports Canadian businesses investing in both Singapore and ASEAN as well as Singaporean companies looking to invest in Canada.

French Chamber of Commerce


Established in 1979, the French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore belongs to a worldwide network of 120 French Chambers in 90 countries with over 33,000 companies.


Our mission is to facilitate set-up and accelerate development of French companies in the local market, develop relations between our members and the Singapore business community, and encourage economic, commercial and investment relations between France and Singapore.


We represent a dynamic business platform of 700 company members and a total network of 4,200 individual members, offering an extensive range of business services and giving access to people and information.



SGTech is a premier trade association for the tech industry in Singapore. Within a rapidly evolving technology landscape, SGTech strives to create an ecosystem that anticipates trends and develops sustainable initiatives to strengthen the community and help the industry grow. SGTech’s 700+ members range from innovative start-ups, vibrant small and medium-sized enterprises to top multinational corporations that leverage technology as a core driver of their business.


SGTech focuses on three key value propositions for our members and the community:


1. Empower Business:

SGTech empowers and enables business growth, transformation and collaboration through platforms and forums that provide business outreach and market opportunities for members.


2. Advocate for Industry

SGTech serves as an active voice for the tech industry through support and advocacy initiatives, while remaining a trusted and respected partner of the government.


3. Support Singapore

SGTech supports tech industry growth and transformation through national programmes and initiatives that drive and enhance the Singapore economy.



SGTech Chapters


SGTech’s Chapters offer focused support and development to both strategic and emerging sectors in the technology industry.


The Chapters are:


• Cloud & Data Chapter (CDC)

• Cyber Security Chapter (CSC)

• Digital Transformation Chapter (DxC)

• Singapore Enterprise Chapter (SEC)

• AI & High-Performance Computing Chapter (AI&HPC)

• Smart Nation Chapter (SNC)


SGTech’s Committee’s cater to emerging industry needs:


• Data Centre Committee (DCC)

• Talent & Capabilities Committee (TCC)


SGTech promotes and fosters collaboration with its members with an array of services and activities:



Bring together like-minded industry leaders and professionals to create quality connections, deepen partnerships and foster mutually beneficial collaboration



Develop intelligent technology competencies to address industry concerns and resource challenges in collaboration with partners to meet evolving manpower needs



Present thought leadership insights to provide access to opportunities and address business concerns and challenges



Leverage specialist expertise and foster deep collaboration between local and multinational businesses and government



Encourage new business growth and market expansion with grants and schemes for international exhibitions and overseas trade missions



Secure access to world-class insights and intelligence from international trade organizations and partners across the globe

Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry


Established in 1906, the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCCI) is an internationally renowned business organisation and the apex body of the Chinese business community in Singapore. It is the founder of the biennial World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention, a global business convention. It plays a key and pro-active role in representing the interests of the local business community.


The SCCCI has a membership network comprising 5,000 corporate members and has more than 160 trade association members, representing over 40,000 companies including large financial and business organisations, multinational corporations, government-linked companies, and small and medium enterprises from a wide spectrum of trades and industries. These members together provide vast resources and opportunities which enable the SCCCI to develop an influential global Chinese business network for business, education, culture and community development. In return, they share a strong sense of pride and identity together and benefit immensely from the SCCCI’s membership services, facilities and activities

Singapore Furniture Industries Council


Singapore Furniture Industries Council was established in 1981 as the official representative body of Singapore’s furniture and furnishings industry. Its membership comprises furniture manufacturers, interior fit-out specialists, retailers, designers, as well as furnishings and materials suppliers. Currently, the council represents 95% of established furniture manufacturers in Singapore, of whom 65% have subsidiary manufacturing plants in various countries across the region, including China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam. SFIC has helped its members to adapt to changes in the business environment by introducing trade, talent, design development and business innovation activities, as well as upgrading business capabilities.

Singapore Hotel Association


The Singapore Hotel Association (SHA) is the umbrella body for hotels in Singapore. Its membership is made up of hotel entities which are represented by proprietors of hotels or appointed representatives.


Its current membership comprises 161 hotels which accounts for more than 90% of total gazetted room count.


The SHA is currently headed by its Executive Director, Ms Margaret Heng, who is also the Chief Executive of SHATEC.


Activities of SHA revolve around the following main themes:

• Research and Representations

• Marketing and Promotions

• Manpower and Training

• Productivity and Service Excellence

• Safety and Security

• Community and Public Relations

• Publications

Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry


Established in 1924, the Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SICCI) is one of Singapore’s most respected and active business chambers.


It is a platform for enhancing interaction and information exchange for business promotion and development for its members. It is also a unified body representing the Indian business community serving as a spokesman for the private and public sector organisations in Singapore.


SICCI and its various divisions – SICCI-Trade Match, SME Centre@SICCI and SICCI-Institute of Business (IOB) – offer members and the wider corporate community a diverse range of services to meet their ever growing business needs through seminars, conferences, training programs, business matching, advisory services, networking opportunities and trade missions.


With a wide network, on-ground knowledge, and extensive experience, SICCI is well placed to help businesses seize opportunities both in Singapore and in the international arena.


Website: www.sicci.com

Singapore International Chamber of Commerce


The Singapore International Chamber of Commerce is Singapore’s longest serving chamber and first registered company. Founded in 1837, the Chamber is part of team Singapore. Its mission is to stand up for business interests in the wider interests of a vibrant economy. The Chamber is an inclusive platform of large and small, local and foreign businesses representing more than 20 sectors and 40 nationalities. For more information, visit www.sicc.com.sg

Singapore Logistics Association


Established since 1973, Singapore Logistics Association (SLA) envisions to represent Singapore logistics with a mission to promote professionalism and excellence of the logistics industry.


As a trade association and strong fraternity advocate, its membership of more than 570 business entities offers a diverse scope of logistics and logistics ancillary support services.


SLA fulfills its objects in close collaboration and engagement with logistics companies, academia, trade associations, business partners, government agencies, international organisations and professionals.


SLA contributes to logistics capability building through its training arm, The Logistics Academy, a registered Private Education Institute that offers quality training and lifelong learning for the logistics workforce.

Singapore Malay Chamber of Commerce & Industry


The Singapore Malay Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SMCCI), was established in 1956 and is an independent non-profit organization. We play a proactive role in representing the interests of the local Malay/Muslim business community. In line with our mission to nurture a vibrant entrepreneurial culture amongst local enterprises, SMCCI serves as a platform to create invaluable opportunities for members through regular business missions, conferences, networking sessions and activities to bridge members and the business community to the local and overseas markets. Together with our subsidiary, SME Centre @SMCCI, we advocate strengthening core competencies while increasing knowledge and enhancing internal capabilities to achieve growth and success for their businesses.


 A strategic partner of Enterprise Singapore, SME Centre @ SMCCI was established in 2006 as a one-stop centre for local small and medium enterprises (SMEs), offering a comprehensive range of advisory and business services including seminars, workshops, one-on-one complimentary business advisory, productivity assessments and more.

Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF)


Established since 1932, SMF is a forefront trade federation serving the manufacturing community by driving digitalisation, innovation-led productivity, business transformation and internationalisation towards enhancing the competitiveness of its member companies.


Currently, SMF has more than 3,000 member companies comprising of local SMEs and leading MNCs. Member companies are categorised into 10 Industry Groups and supported by its Centres of Excellence to address each industry’s unique and specific needs and interests. With its extensive network of contacts, SMF is well-placed to represent its members objectively and to facilitate tripartite communications among the government, foreign delegates and the local manufacturing community.

Singapore National Employers Federation


The Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF) is a trade union of employers. Our mission is to advance tripartism and enhance labour market flexibility to enable employers to implement responsible employment practices. SNEF has a membership of over 3,400 companies with a combined workforce of over 800,000. For more information, please visit www.snef.org.sg.

Singapore Retailers Association (SRA)


The Singapore Retailers Association (SRA) was founded in 1977, originally as the Singapore Retail Merchants Association by 10 leading retailers. It is a non-profit, independent/non-governmental retail trade body in Singapore, funded entirely by the private sector. SRA aims to be an advocate for retailers – big or small, to help them improve business standards; professionalism and productivity through training and sharing of information and best practice as well as assist its members with business development and regionalisation strategies. It hopes to be a representative voice for the retail industry, working closely with government agencies and relevant authorities to help address and resolve issues for the well-being of the retail industry and help facilitate Singapore’s continued growth in the competitive retail environment.


On 1 October 2017, SRA embarked on SPRING’s LEAD+ Programme to further its cause and advance the initiatives under the Retail ITM to help bring about greater value creation in the retail industry through innovation; enhance retailers’ productivity and capabilities; maximise workforce potential for improved business growth and even internationalisation.


Membership in SRA is open to all retailers as well as businesses related to retail – real estate developers and consultancies, research companies, media owners, tax refund agencies etc. There are currently 300 members in the Association. Through its myriad of events, conferences and seminars, training programmes as well as networking opportunities, SRA initiates change and encourage the retail industry to embrace new technological advances and best practices to ensure its continued competitiveness and growth. For more information, visit www.retail.org.sg.


SRA is also a founding member of the Federation of Asia Pacific Retailers Associations (FAPRA), which comprises 17 national associations across the Asia-Pacific region; all the members are the most authoritative and representative associations for the retail industries of their respective countries.

Singapore Shipping Association


The Singapore Shipping Association (SSA) is a trade association formed in 1985, to represent a wide spectrum of shipping companies and other businesses allied to the shipping industry. It serves to promote the interest of its members and to enhance the competitiveness of Singapore as an International Maritime Centre.


To achieve its objectives, the SSA engages and collaborates with the shipping industry key stakeholders and is a trusted advisor and partner to related government agencies. SSA is also actively involved in promoting the interests of shipping in Singapore and internationally.